Self Love Perfectionist Project 

Self Love Perfectionist Project is the first 5 weeks of loving yourself better for the rest of your life. This program is open to both men & women. 

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Self Love Perfectionist Project with Camy Kennedy
Week 1: Self Love Inventory 

We start by taking inventory of every area of our lives. Where Perfectionism is holding us back and what common feelings we feel each day. What if we could shift these by the end of week 5?


Week 2: The 4 C's 

Comparison, competition, compliments & compassion. We will explore how to eliminate the competition with others and start having compassion for ourselves. The achievements that we have do not define us or others, it's who we become along the journey.


Week 3: Mindset & Movement 

Emotion comes from motion. Mindset is what we feed our minds daily. Through daily movement and mindset work, we will reset our brains and form new neural pathways. The old limiting beliefs about not being enough will begin to fade away with practice.


Week 4: Worthiness

We self sabotage, say "yes" to things because of others, and often put ourselves last in order to achieve more and more. We are worth more than getting the leftovers of time and drained energy. We are absolutely worthy of having a life we desire!


Week 5: Sacred Support 

We live in a masculine world and and are rewarded for all the "doing". In this process you will learn the sacred art of "being", how to care for yourself and communicate to others what you need.


Value: $1,000
Enroll today! $540 (when paid in full)
Camy Kennedy Life Coach

About your Coach: 

Camy Kennedy is a Mindset & Life Coach working with high achievers to help them own their health & happiness. With a background in molecular biology, neuroscience & psychology she provides a framework to practice being your potential self. She works with Recovering Perfectionists who embrace challenges as opportunities, while practicing self love and taking inspired action.

Camy moved across the country from PA to CA at age 19, and overcame body image issues, substance abuse, narcissistic relationships, financial challenges and health issues to find body positivity, abundance and healthy relationships.

She’s been featured in Oxygen Magazine and Shape.com, as well as an international speaker. Camy traveled to Bali, Indonesia for a transformational retreat in 2018 and shares her key learnings during her events related to vision, values and self worth. 

As a powerful transformational coach, Camy offers a complimentary discovery call to pinpoint your blocks and create a plan to break through them! Book here: www.camykennedy.com/call